Once you have successfully submitted your concern through a support ticket, you will receive a notification in your inbox. 

In order to track the status of your ticket, simply click the Check Ticket Status option on your altrady support account. 

From there, you will be redirected to a page that provides you with the details of your open or pending tickets with their corresponding description and number. 

The response to your ticket will vary depending on the issue that was raised. There are issues where our support team will simply provide you with detailed instructions for self-troubleshooting. There are also more complicated concerns where our technical team would need to have more time to resolve your issues. Rest assure, our team will inform you regarding the necessary waiting time for the resolution of your ticket. 


Being Processed - Ticket is still under review. 

Closed or Resolved - Either the altrady user or support staff has marked the ticket to be resolved. 

Awaiting Your Reply - The altrady support staff needs to get certain information or action on your part. 


1. Make sure that you open and submit only one ticket for a particular concern. 

2. You can followup by simply opening your submitted ticket and sending a message under it.  Please do not submit a new ticket just to followup your concern. 

3. If you feel that you have not provided sufficient information regarding your concern, simply open your original ticket and add the necessary details or message under it. 

4. Again, submitting multiple tickets for the same problem can only cause potential delays.