With Quick Scanner, you will be immediately notified when Fat Fingers work towards a sudden drop in coin price. It is an advanced feature that ALERTS you for opportunities in engaging in Fat Finger Trades. It searches for a FAST, UPWARD & DOWNWARD MOVEMENT in the market.

Here is how to set up your Quick Scanner:

  1. On the left side of the dashboard, select the Quick Scan Tab.
  2. Edit the filters and other settings according to your preferences. Among the settings you have to change are the following:
  3. Exchange Platform
  4. Currencies
  5. Time Frame
  6. 24-Hour Volume
  7. Minimum Price
  8. Drop Percentage
  9. New Drops
  10. Fat Fingers
  11. Fat Finger Percentage
  12. Wait for alerts to determine whether you will participate in the trade.