Step 1: On your SETTINGS TAB, select the EXCHANGES OPTION.

From there, you will see the listed exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, HitBTC, Polionex, Kucoin, Kraken, Huobi, and BitMEX.

Make sure that you have an account registered in any of the platforms:

Why is it important to have an account in any of these exchange platforms? Well, that’s where the cryptocurrency trade happens! Without any of these, you have no platform to buy and sell your digital coin. 


Step 2: Choose among the EXCHANGE PLATFORMS. Tick ENABLE EXCHANGE for the market that you want.

Step 3: Choose among the DIGITAL CURRENCIES for each market.

Step 4: Go to the ACCOUNT PREFERENCES OPTION on the Settings Tab. Tick DAY TRADING.

Step 5: Go back to the Settings Tab, then SELECT NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS. Click the Green Plus Button. From there, set your preferences according to your desired levels. Here are the four types of preferences that you have to configure: exchange, currencies, volume, and drop.

  • EXCHANGE – On this tab, you select the exchange platform or market from which you are subscribed to. You will be notified for any alert that happens in this exchange.
  • CURRENCIES – Select the currencies you are subscribed to. You may select multiple currencies.
  • VOLUME – Select either USD or BTC value. In this section, you will see the 24-hour volume for each market converted into your selected currency (Note: Lower market volumes have lesser chances for fulfilling your orders.)
  • DROP – Set either the Fixed % or the Median X
    • Fixed % is your preferred percentage below the base. Crypto Base Scanner will notify you every time that the base goes down to your desired percentage drop. 
    • The Median uses a multiple of the median drop that is specific to each market. CBS will notify you to the level of median drop that you prefer. 

                        See this example: 

                              Market X has a median drop of -5% and market Y has a median drop of -7%.
                                Setting the Median X to 1.5 will notify you at 1.5 times the median drop.

                                Market X: -5% * 1.5 = -7.5% 

                                Market Y: -7% * 1.5 = -10.5%

                                You will be notified when Market X goes to 7.5% below the base and when Market Y goes 10.5% below the base. 


Step 6: Don’t forget to click the Green Floppy Disk Icon on the right to SAVE YOUR NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS.

Step 7: Wait for alerts to pop up on your screens. Once you are notified of certain bases and percentage drops, that’s the time to DECIDE whether you enter the market or not.