To open a market, simply go to the Markets Widget

The Markets Widget lets you navigate the different markets in different exchanges quickly. With it, you can explore the status of various coin pairs from one exchange to another. 


To use it, simply click on any of the available exchanges on the left side of the Markets Widget and select among the coin pairs that will appear on the right. You can also use the search bar to easily access the information about the market that you are interested in. From this, you can see other details like their current market prices, the 24-hour volume for the specific market, and the percentage change. Greens indicate positive change while reds indicate drops in prices.


Selecting a particular coin pair on the Markets widget will also change the information on your chart. Since altrady's charts reflect real-time data, then you can also see real-time information on your chosen market. 

Also, the Markets Widget can be dragged anywhere on the interface. Simply point your cursor to the Markets Widget and wait for the hand symbol to appear before you can drag it upward, downward, leftward, or whatever direction you deem best.