Step 1: Create an altrady Support Account 

Before you can submit a support ticket, you will need to create your own altrady support account that is different from your regular account. Register by entering your full name and email address. Wait for the activation link that will be sent to your email address and simply follow the steps in order to successfully log into your altrady support account. 

Step 2: Open New Support Ticket

Once you have signed up and successfully logged in, you will be able to see an option to open a New Support Ticket. Simply click the option. 

Step 3: Describe Your Concern

When submitting a new support ticket, make sure that you include pertinent details that are necessary for the resolution of the problem.  Fill out the corresponding boxes with your name on the Requester field, the nature of your problem on the subject field, and the complete details of the problem that you have encountered on the description field. Doing this will help us respond to your concern faster. 

Step 4: Wait for the Confirmation

You will receive a notification once a new ticket has been successfully submitted. 


1. Before submitting a ticket, you can first check the altrady Knowledge Base.  This will lead you to a variety of topics concerning the use of altrady which you might find personally helpful. If your concern is not covered by any of the topics, then proceed with submitting a support ticket. 

2. Create only one ticket for a particular issue. Do not double or triple your ticket in an attempt to receive a faster response. Doing so could potentially delay resolution. You can instead Check Ticket Status to communicate with the support team. 

3. Communicate your problems, issues, and concerns through this support channel. Please refrain from using social media to air out concerns. Our technical staff and support team use this platform to directly attend to your needs.