altrady has three subscription plans:

Signals Only Plan

This subscription plan is appropriate for those who are also subscribed to a trading bot such as Zignaly. It takes advantage of altrady’s algorithms that automatically send trade signals to the bot according to the strategy set by the user.

Trading Plan

Compared with the Signals Only Plan, the Trading Plan provides more access to altrady’s features. Apart from providing signals and allowing for trading bot integration, it also opens the subscribers to the all-in-one trading platform of altrady where they can place buy and sell orders, track market movements, and manage their own digital assets across exchanges. Trading Plan subscribers can also have access to altrady’s mobile application. 

Advanced Trading Plan

The advanced trading plan comes with all the features of the Signals Only Plan and the Trading Plan such as trading bot signals, all-in-one trading plan access, portfolio management, and mobile application. 

What makes it more advanced is the addition of the base scanner, the quick scanner, and the developer API. With advanced features such as these, subscribers can receive more information that can boost a profitable trading venture.

The base scanner uses unique algorithms that track coin market movements in real time. It automatically sends notifications to users when their chosen cryptocurrencies have dropped a certain percentage from the base. 

The quick scanner immediately informs traders when sudden big drops in coin prices happen. This can be advantageous to those who would like to earn big in a short span of time.