The Bases Widget contains your saved bases, active bases, and all bases on exchanges. 

Having the bases widget is very important for those who are following the QFL Strategy or the Base Strategy. By just looking at the Base Widget, you can already see the performance of certain coin pairs whether they are good for day trading or not. 

Since the Base Widget may be filled with so much information, you can actually sort and filter them out according to the following:

  • Exchange/Currencies

  • Minimum/Maximum 24-hour Volume for Each Currency

  • Minimum/Maximum Drop from Base Percentage

  • Success Rate (0-100%)

  • Average Time to Respect Bases (previous) (0-30 days)

A cool feature of the Bases Widget is the Filter Presets. You can access this by clicking on the symbol with three horizontal lines on the upper right side of the widget. Its gives you an ability to create filter presets so you can quickly switch between different presets instead of setting them from scratch every time.


The Bases Widget can be dragged anywhere on the interface. Simply point your cursor to the Bases Widget and wait for the hand symbol to appear before you can drag it to the direction you prefer.