The Base Info Widget provides you with the information concerning the bases detected and the performance of such bases. 

altrady uses unique algorithms for market analysis. You can choose among four different algorithm sectors by clicking the drop-down arrow. 


Select your trading algorithm - Original, Day Trading, Conservative Trader, or Position Trader. 

Right beside the delete/trash can icon, you will find the corresponding controls for navigating bases - previous base, next base, and last base. You can also have the option to save a certain base by clicking the star icon right beside the controls or strict inequality symbols. Once you have clicked the star for a particular base, you will be able to find it in the Bases Widget under the Saved category. 

The Base Info Widget shows you the following:

  • Drop % - This is the percentage of the current price versus the base.
  • Base - This shows the price of the base.
  • Below base for - This indicates the time below base.
  • 90% respected in - This is the average time for 90% of bases to be respected. 
  • Median drop - This indicates the average price drop below the base. 
  • Average bounce - This shows the average price increase from base, on the first bounce up. 
  • Bases respected - These are the number of bases respected over the total number of bases detected for a particular coin pair. 
  • Success rate - This shows the percentage of bases that have been respected over the past 30 days.