The Order Book Widget contains a list of all the active buy and sell orders for a certain coin pair on a particular exchange. 

By looking at the order book, you can make better sense of the market depth for a particular cryptocurrency. It will show you the highest and lowest bids for buy and sell orders.

  • Bids are offerings to buy your coin for a certain price
  • Asks are requests to buy a coin at a particular price

Another use for the Order Book Widget is the information provided by the buy and sell walls which could also help in your buying or selling decision. 

  • The Green Walls that you see on the left side are buy walls. These walls support your coin. 
  • The Red Walls that you see on the right side are sell walls. These walls show the resistance that a coin is facing.


The Order Book Widget can be dragged anywhere on the interface. Simply point your cursor to the Order Book Widget and wait for the hand symbol to appear before you can drag it to the direction you prefer.