The altrady chart is powered by TradingView. What is cool with our charts is that you can actually make a better analysis or even provide clearer explanations on certain price movements because of the tools that you can use. You can choose to draw figures, trace points, insert comments, place texts, create templates, and so much more on your altrady chart. 

The chart basically provides you with real-time data concerning price movements on your chosen coin pairs or cryptocurrency market. 

To help you understand more about the chart, you can refer to the legend below:

Yellow Dotted Line       -        Current Price

Orange Line                 -         Break-Even Point

Red Dotted Line           -        Ask Price

Green Dotted Line       -        Bid Price

Blue Dotted Line          -        Alert

Green Solid Line          -         Not Respected Base

Red Solid Line             -          Respected Base

Blue Solid Line            -          Saved Base

Grey Solid Line            -          Not Cracked Base