There are a couple of crypto exchanges in the global sphere. In order to choose the best exchange for your needs, consider the following:

  1. Examine the trade volume in your prospective cryptocurrency exchange. A higher volume usually means a better reputation among crypto investors and traders. If you are entirely new to crypto trading, you can check CoinMarketCap in order to see the Top 100 Crypto Exchanges and evaluate each one’s reputation by knowing about their 24-hour trading volume, 30-day trading volume, number of coin markets in their platform, and launching date. 

  2. Is the account easy to setup? Do you have a nice impression regarding the exchange’s security measures? One of the determining factors when people choose their exchange is the ease of access. Some people want easy login features that only require either mobile number or email address. But what’s more important than being able to login with convenience is your fund’s security. It would be great if your exchange would require two-step verification by sending link to your secure email address or having an authenticating key. 

  3. Know how much fees are required by the exchange for your deposits, withdrawals, and trades. Each cryptocurrency exchange has a different rule when it comes to charging fees so you better make a comparison among your top choices. 

  4. Identify the supported cryptocurrencies of a particular exchange. What base currencies does it support? 

  5. How do the deposit and withdrawal policies correspond to your local and national laws? Some exchanges restrict certain activities in some countries due to state regulations.