In order to connect your Bittrex account to altrady, you will need your Bittrex API key. 

Important Note! 

We do not have access to your funds since your assets belong only to your exchange wallet. Furthermore, we do not store your API keys. 

Here are the steps to register and find your API key on Bittrex:

Step 1: Register on Bittrex. 

Skip this step if you have already registered. 

Use an active and secure email address when you register and make sure to input a complicated password that includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.  Currently, Bittrex follows a 2-step verification mode wherein they send a confirmation link to your email address before you can access your Bittrex account. Thus, we urge you to secure your email address. 

Step 2: Login to your Bittrex account.

Step 3: Go to API Settings. 

To configure your API Settings, you will have to navigate your Bittrex dashboard. Go to the Settings Menu, click API Keys, then select Add New Key

Step 4: Configure your API Keys. 

Make sure that you have a correctly configured API Key. Turn on the options for Read Info, Trade Limit and Trade Market to allow permissions for such activities. Do not turn on withdrawal permission. 


Step 5: Connect your Binance API Key to your altrady account. 

Login to your altrady account. On the Settings Page, click Exchange API Settings. From there, you can add your Binance API Key and the Secret Key. 

Important Note!

You can only add your API Keys on the altrady desktop application.