altrady is full of amazing features that can help its subscribers win their trades. In order to maximize all the tools and features of altrady, you will need to download the desktop version of altrady and connect at least one crypto exchange in your altrady account. To do this, you will need to have an access to your API Key. 

Step 1: Get Your API Key. 

So where do you find your API Key?

The API Key can be found on your own cryptocurrency exchange account. 

Currently, we support eight exchanges. Each exchange requires a different process for generating the API key. Click any of the link below to know how you can find your API key according to your chosen crypto exchange platform. 









Once you have generated your API key from your own exchange account, keep a copy of your API Key and Secret Key on a secure destination. 

Step 2: Configure your altrady Exchange API Settings. 

Login to your altrady account. Navigate your altrady dashboard. On the upper right side of your user interface, you will find a vertical ellipsis or three-dot icon. Click the icon and select Settings. 

On the Settings Page, click Exchange API Settings Tab on the left side. 

Click Add API Key Button. This will prompt you to create a new API Key. Fill out the necessary fields.  Label your key. Choose your exchange from the drop-down. Paste your API Key and Secret Key

Don't forget to click the Save button. 

Important Note!

You can only add your API keys on the altrady desktop application. 

We do not have access to your funds since your assets belong only to your exchange wallet. Furthermore, we do not store your API keys.